ANRO provides companies with a range of turnkey graphic communication services, including one to nine-color conventional, six-color digital and variable data printing, package printing, wide-format display graphics, prepress, finishing, direct mail, fulfillment and multichannel marketing campaigns that leverage variable data printed direct mail, PURLs, dynamic email and text messaging.

ANRO Headquarters - West Chester, PA

Digital Printing / Print on Demand

With three HP Indigo 7800 color digital presses, an HP Indigo 10000 digital press (max sheet size 20" x 29"), HP T300 color digital web press, and a bank of high-speed black and white publishing systems in place, ANRO is equipped to meet all of your digital printing needs.


ANRO’s digital pressroom includes three HP Indigo 7000 digital presses and an HP Indigo 10000 digital press. The 10000 brings a whole new level of efficiency and application flexibility to digital printing, while still delivering offset-matching quality that is uniquely Indigo.


The Indigo 10000 boasts production speeds of up to 3,450 sheets per hour. This means shorter run times for faster turnaround. Larger sheet size (20” x 29”) means we can fit more up on a sheet. That translates to fewer impressions, which leads to greater efficiency at higher quantities.

Design Flexibility

No more size limitations on digital and personalized printing! With the larger sheet size, any type of piece can be printed digitally and personalized, from pocket folders to posters to 6-page brochures.

Wide Range of Media

With more than 2,500 compatible substrates on our HP Indigo presses – from 45 lb text to 150 lb cover – your design options are virtually limitless. You can print on coated, uncoated, metallic, recycled, clings, specialty papers, paperboard and more.

Offset-Matching Print Quality

HP Indigo Electroink technology offers superior digital print quality and the widest digital color gamut available.

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ANRO’s HP T300 digital inkjet web press delivers a breakthrough combination of productivity, print quality, cost and flexibility that is unprecedented in our industry. ANRO is one of only a few printers in the region to offer this unique capability.

Utilizing the T300, our enhanced finishing capabilities, database expertise and in-house mailing operations, ANRO can now deliver 100% full-color variability on high-volume mailings, transactional and publishing applications. And, we can do it at reduced turnaround times and effective price points. Using our solution, we can personalize content on each individual piece in a print run, regardless of how many pieces we’re printing.

Other benefits include:

  • Full-color variability of all text and images (vs. variable black imprinting in limited areas on the piece).
  • Quicker turnaround – the T300 can print up to 1.5 million letter-sized pieces a day.
  • Cost savings on mailings by digitally combining mail lists and sorting for maximum postage discounts.
  • Additional cost savings through reduced inventory, spoilage & overruns (you only print what you need, when you need it).
  • 30” maximum width web roll.
  • Range of uncoated and coated papers, from 27lb to cover stocks.



All of ANRO’s digital presses are equipped with variable data capabilities, allowing you to reach out to your audience on a truly personalized, one-to-one level. If a marketing piece is relevant to the recipient, the impact on him or her will be greater. Higher impact means higher response rates, and what marketer doesn’t want that? Click here for more on variable data printing.

Variable data printing starts with one document designed as a template. Variable fields in the template correspond to fields within a database of your recipients. When we merge the template with the database, what results is a printed piece unique to each recipient.


Since much of our digital production involves sensitive confidential information – financial or otherwise – we have built a dedicated digital pressroom with secure key-padded entry. We also prevent unauthorized access to digital files with multi-level user verification and robust firewall protocols.


You think one or two-day turnaround is impressive? ANRO delivered several-hour turnaround to Topps when we printed and finished their Royal Wedding Commemorative Trading Cards, which aired on QVC just hours after the big event.

ANRO Prints Materials for Topps Royal Wedding Cards!